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Why You Need to Choose Reliable and High-Quality Entrance Doors to Ensure Your Security

Choosing entrance doors is not an easy task. Given the specifics, certain requirements are imposed on it.  Your entrance doors should meet a high level of security and protect against hacking. Also, entrance doors retain heat inside the premises and provide sound insulation. 


How to Choose a Front Door?

The strength of the door depends on two main factors — materials and manufacturing technology. We advise that you give preference to the doors made of steel which is at least 1/32thick. The thicker the steel, the stronger and tougher the door. The reliability of the front door is determined not only by the design of the door leaf but also by the design of the door frame. 


Locks Are the Basis of Protection

Although there are many types of locks, the most common of them are:

  • mounted—have an arc-shaped blocker to provide protection and fit in size;
  • mortise—mounted in a specially prepared mortise opening in the doors, installed inside the door;
  • levers—have spring-loaded plates with special grooves that ensure the closure of the lock;
  • cylindrical—the working part of the locking mechanism is a cylindrical core.

The safest are mechanisms in which there are two types of cores.


Additional Protection Systems

In addition to the reliable design of the door and lock, reinforced hinges protect against burglary. There are different models of hinges:

  • regular;
  • safe;
  • ball;
  • with a thrust bearing.

The number of hinges depends on the design of a particular door, its dimensions, metal thickness, type of exterior, and interior decoration. Even if the door isn’t heavy, it should be equipped with at least three hinges, and it’s better if they are inaccessible from the outside.

Metal entrance doors should also be equipped with powerful anti-removable pins (2-4 pcs.). They are located at the end of the door from the side of the hinges and are passive crossbars that fit into special holes in the door frame. Even if an attacker manages to cut off all the loops and pick the locks, he won’t be able to open or remove them.

Considering that numerous break-ins are carried out precisely through the front door, it should be as strong and secure as possible. Armored doors are best suited for this purpose since it is almost impossible to break such a door. This will require professional equipment, the use of which will certainly attract the attention of neighbors. Therefore, thieves who encounter an obstacle in the form of an armored door on their way, in most cases, don’t even attempt to enter.


Bottom Line

Undeniably, the door is not the only protection for your home. Installation of an alarm system will reduce the chances of break-in to zero. Do not look for ways to save money. After all, it is your property you are going to protect with the help of a reliable door and alarm system.