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What Is a Security System, And How Does It Work?

All home security systems work on the same basic principle of protecting access points such as doors and windows, as well as indoor spaces, with all the valuables that may be there. The only real difference is the number of security components installed throughout the house and controlled by the special electronic panel.


Organization of a Home Security System

The home security system implements security through the interaction of components and devices. It’s a network of integrated electronic devices that work together with a central control panel to protect against burglaries and intrusions.

A typical home security system includes:

  • control panel, which is the main controller of the home security system;
  • door and window sensors;
  • motion sensors, both internal and external;
  • wired or wireless video surveillance cameras;
  • a siren with a high sound level and sending an alarm signal to the telephone or security console;
  • bright signs and stickers on the windows.


How the Security System Works

With the help of a security and alarm system, you can monitor the house around the clock. The security system is a reliable way to protect an object from intrusion and is divided into two types:

  1. Passive security alarm system. In case of an unauthorized intrusion into the protected area, a light and sound alarm are sent. At the same time, neither the security console nor the owner receives an alarm signal. The system is designed only for psychological impact on criminals, which may not always be effective.
  2. Active security system. In this case, the guarded object is equipped with sensors that send an alarm signal to the control panel, and from there to the console of a specialized security organization. Such a remote control is capable of receiving signals from several objects at once. After receiving the signal, the security structure arrives at the site of the alleged penetration as soon as possible. The console security system also has a so-called panic button, when pressed, the signal also goes to the control panel. Such buttons are installed in banks, shops to protect against robberies.


Smart Security Systems Within the “Smart Home” Concept

A “Smart Home” system allows you to monitor the state of the house from almost anywhere, you only need a device with Internet access. Control within the system is carried out around the clock, and the signal is sent to the owner and the security console immediately, as soon as any abnormal situation occurs. By the way, you can also check if the burglar alarm is turned on remotely. If necessary, it’s very easy to turn it on remotely.

Home security systems are constantly evolving and becoming more perfect and more reliable. Already now, you can protect your home with a high degree of reliability and safely go on a business trip or vacation. Therefore, it’s worth taking care of installing a security system now.