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Best Life Hacks For Home Security

The house should be the place where you are as comfortable and safe as possible. But even if you live in one of the safest cities, there’s a chance that your home could be hacked. To improve the security of your home and make it less vulnerable to intruders, use the life hacks mentioned in this article. Most of them are very simple and affordable.


What Attracts a Thief?

A thief is primarily attracted by low-quality locks of entrance doors and open windows, through which he can look at valuables and their location, as well as observe the habits of residents and find out about their absence. Therefore, it is worth considering the installation of roller shutters as well as special anti-burglary films on glass. It would take an axe to break glass covered with an anti-burglary film, and it would take a few minutes to get inside.


Analyze the Vulnerabilities of Your Location

There are many modern inventions and remedies on the market that should scare off thieves and allow you to sleep peacefully. Before you buy a security system, assess the scale of your risk of attack or burglary and make a list of the weakest points in your home. Otherwise, even the most expensive solutions may not be effective.

For example, you have installed burglar-proof entrance doors and roller shutters on the windows but forgot about the garage window. Please note that the security level should be the same at all critical points.


Tips to Make Your Home Safer

  1. Lock your doors. Locking your front doors, even when you are in the house, is far from paranoid, given the fact that nearly one in three thefts occurs when one of the owners is home.
  2. Install surveillance cameras. If your home is burglarized, the surveillance video can help law enforcement find the culprit. There are various types of surveillance cameras, the most effective ones combine motion detection, night vision, and wireless Wi-Fi video transmission.
  3. Be careful with spare keys. Intuition and experience quite often help thieves find the keys hidden by the owners. Therefore, do not leave your keys under a rug or a flower pot.
  4. Hide valuables in places that will take a long time to find. Criminals want to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible, taking with them your jewelry, cash, electronic devices, and other trophies.
  5. Make it seem like you’re at home. If a burglar thinks that someone is at home, he will carefully consider whether it is worth taking the risk. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to ensure security by tricking potential intruders — for example, using a timer to turn on lights.

These tips will help make your home safer, but nothing will protect your home and family like a good security system. The main thing is to take care of safety in advance — before something unpleasant happens.